9 Rated by Guests
Languish in the beauty of the tropical countryside. Take leisurely tours of the spots around the retreat. Get a glimpse of eternity. The river flows on slowly, soothing the senses, calming down the mind, reinvigorating the soul.

An island retreat where you’ll find nature as God created it. Where you will find people who will treat you as one among them.

The village life invites you to become a part of it. Here you will find a place to belong to. The simplicity of this world lets you look at yourself with new eyes. To find out the unseen essentials of life. Rediscover your self. No paraphernalia, no mould to cast you. Find freedom to do a lot of things, and to do nothing.
The well-being of both body and soul is what the Big Banana Island retreat offers. To take care of your body, we have facilities for Ayurvedic treatment and yoga training.